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Bleeding Gum

A Narre Warren dental patient came to us complaining of gum bleeding.She said that she brushes her teeth regularly and floss all the teeth at least once a day and never experienced gum disease before.None of her parents or her siblings has lost their teeth early in their life.she doesn't take any medication. After thorough intra-oral examination and taking medical history we noticed that she is 3 months pregnant and her gum bleeding has basically started not while after she became pregnant. Increased production of estrogen hormones during the pregnancy,makes the environment favorable for growing certain types of the bacteria in the mouth and causes pregnancy gingivitis.Gums become inflamed and bleed easily. Treatment of the pregnancy gingivitis is simply by improving oral hygiene by patient and professional cleaning of the teeth surfaces by your dentist....
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Smoking and Gum Disease

A Dandenong patient referred to our clinic by one of our old friends.patient was in mid 40s and Her main complaint was severe sensitivity of her teeth when drinking hot and cold.She related this problem to all her teeth.After examination and taking intra-oral x-rays, no sign of decay was found on any of her teeth but her gums had moderate general recession around all her molar teeth.Her oral hygiene was excellent as she brushes her teeth twice daily and floss regularly.The only social risk factor was long term cigarette smoking.It has been researched that smoking can cause chronic gum disease and recession by switching on inflammatory mediators in the body.The treatment was to desensitize the teeth with the help of home and in office products such as high fluoride concentration gel.patient was placed on follow up until the full remission achieved......
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Fibre re-enforced Composit Bridge

Cranbourne Dentist

A Cranbourne patient presented with missing upper front tooth which was extracted while ago due to vertical root fracture.Now he has decided to replace it because it affects his smile,but he is not ready to spend too much at this stage of his life. After thorough assessment with acquiring intra-oral photographs and models,we offered him to replace the tooth with a dental implant but because of the bone loss in the vicinity of that area,bone grafting will be required which increases the cost of the treatment.Mr D is reluctant to spend too much now for this procedure.A high cost treatment option was offered to him by a Cranbourne Dentist,which didn't meet his requirements. Then we offered to replace the missing tooth with a removable partial denture which he didn't like the idea at all. The third option was a bridge but because the teeth adjacent to lost tooth are quite healthy,we offered...
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