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wisdom tooth,remove it or leave it???

Sometimes my patients say,Doc I was told I have to remove my wisdom teeth to avoid misaligned teeth.Most of us believe eruption force of the wisdom teeth in young adults can shift all the teeth forward and make them misaligned.Right? I believed the same way,we were told the same...But according to the research conducted in the Melbourne university(well done Melbourne) this belief is not right.( email me for the reference if interested). Every young adult can develop misaligned teeth regardless of the presence or absence of the wisdom teeth and each case should be assessed individually.So many other factors such as size of the jaws,size of the teeth,growth pattern and so on are involved in making the decision to remove the wisdom teeth early or leave them in. Have a great week! Mehran Garoosy,DDS,ADC mehran@yaasdental.com.au...
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Teeth Grinding

A Berwick dental patient in his late 30’s came to our clinic, complaining about his front teeth appearance. The two front teeth had started to chip more frequently in recent months, despite the patient taking good care of his teeth. The Grinder After thorough examination of all the upper and lower teeth and his bite and taking good history about patient's social life,it appeared that his condition is due to over night  grinding.Social factors was discussed and the affected teeth were restored with tooth color restorative material.A custom made night splint was provided to the patient to avoid further deteriorating the teeth.Patient was placed on three and six months recall for further follow up....
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Bleeding Gum

A Narre Warren dental patient came to us complaining of gum bleeding.She said that she brushes her teeth regularly and floss all the teeth at least once a day and never experienced gum disease before.None of her parents or her siblings has lost their teeth early in their life.she doesn't take any medication. After thorough intra-oral examination and taking medical history we noticed that she is 3 months pregnant and her gum bleeding has basically started not while after she became pregnant. Increased production of estrogen hormones during the pregnancy,makes the environment favorable for growing certain types of the bacteria in the mouth and causes pregnancy gingivitis.Gums become inflamed and bleed easily. Treatment of the pregnancy gingivitis is simply by improving oral hygiene by patient and professional cleaning of the teeth surfaces by your dentist....
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